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The Emoji Movie (2017): The Worst Movie of the Year Episode 5

Out of the firewall and into the digital trash compactor as CityofGeek gets forced into a corner by the quadruple corporate shellout that is, The Emoji Movie. Press R to pay respects.

No, I’m not going to pepper this with emojis in dishonor of THE EMOJI MOVIE episode of The Worst Movie of The Year.

This week Bob is joined by Cody (who was on the Mortal Kombat: Annihilation episode) and both Mikes from the Date Movie episode!

<<Other Episodes: Verotika! Septic Man!>>

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As we’re now on iTunes on our own, I’m going to keep separate from City of Geek’s regular podcast!

(I still can’t get it to embed, anyone help?)

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The Worst Movie of the Year Episode 4: 2014: Septic Man

City of Geek’s Worst Movie of the Year Podcast goes down the crapper as they unclog Septic Man.

Welcome back fellow bad movie lovers!

Prepare for loads of crap, literally! This week we look at SEPTIC MAN, the Worst Movie of 2014! With an 8 on Metacritic! This week’s contributors all have returned from previous episodes (Verotika, Date Movie, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation)

Our own Tony Kay, also of The Sunbreak, and Artist Home

Jason Weiss, of Laughing Window music

and Eric Morget  of the Crypticon Film Festival and Strange Aeons Podcast!

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MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION (1997): The Worst Movie of the Year Podcast Episode 3

CityofGeek and their weekly podcast Worst Movie of the Year, suffers a fatality at the hands of the movie that ruined all the goodwill of one of the best video game films of yesteryear. And that’s saying alot!

Hello citizens!

Another week stuck inside and another bad movie! This week we have City of Geek’s Bob and Cody, along with SkeleTony Gee of the Grave Plot Podcast and Jose of The Cinematic Bandicoot!

Tony and his podcast partner Taylor of Terror also run the yearly Grave Plot Film Festival – Reviews for 2020, and 2019!

This week we pulled 1997, and the lowest Metacritic average is MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION!A movie that loses by Disappointment-ality!

<<want more? Check out Episode 1: Verotika and Episode 2: Date Movie>>

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