Greetings Nerds!

I am TheCinematicBandicoot! Gargantuan gamer, animation admirer, comic crazer, television tuner, book brainiac and movie maniac. I’m on a mission to seek out new and nostalgic media, but these days there’s far too much to keep up with and no time to stop and smell the roses. So I’ve created this website as a central hub for all the reviews of movies, video games and television shows to be released throughout the coming years. It will also showcase Top 10’s, trailer reactions and even links to Let’s Plays’ courtesy of the partnered YouTube channel, Bokken Ninja Gaming.

To an extent I pride myself on having a fan’s perspective on any series that’s been adapted into a movie, video game or television . Even if it’s the most rotten tomato spat out by the website itself (Oh yeah, I went there!). Of course there’s only so much one can catch up on in so little time before certain release dates, so there may be varying points of view in the long run. But having limitless opportunities to jump at a new franchise is part of what makes this experience exciting.

This may last a month, half a year who knows? Hopefully a lifetime if all goes well. But it’ll be worth it years down the line looking back at the memories that left a good and bad taste after the screen goes dark. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me ramble and I’ll see you in the land of geekdom!

With dice and drumsticks,


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