The Future of TheCinematicBandicoot…?

Greetings fellow geeks and nerds, this is TheCinematicBandicoot. And one thing you might be asking Why have there been less reviews recently? It seemed like the beginning of winter was chock-full of endless reviews coming out of the site: Movies, television, and video games. But ever since Jumanji: The Next Level the output has drastically decreased. Why is that? Was it the holidays? Or moving to a new location? Well to make a long short, I’m actually enrolled in college. And if anyone’s ever been or applied to college, it’s not something that’s taken care of overnight. There’s registering for college, seeking financial aid, buying school supplies, and of course the increasingly competitive sport of signing up for classes: Something that might as well be a Hunger Games competition at this point. That’s not even mentioning trying to get enough sleep, trying to get to class on time, finding student parking that won’t assassinate your car insurance, and completing the truckloads of work assignments given by professors. Before signing up for college, I had a lot of time between my job and free time to actually write and edit reviews as a one person team. But now with college, it’s become near impossible to commit even with coffee included in a daily diet. Hence the decreased output.

The spitting image of college life. Or in this case, smoking image.

There’s a few end of the year articles I want to publish before going into the future, but I’m caught in a difficult crunch period between studying, maintaining a steady income for the future, and finding some time to breathe in between all the chaos. Writing these articles is very fulfilling, but with the amount of research that goes into each and every one of these reviews, it’s getting very difficult to stay sane with all these changes taking place. If you don’t see me again, do me a favor and head on over to City of Geek’s WordPress page (link down below) and Twitch streamer Redshieldgamer. They’ve been doing reviews and twitch streams for a long time and could use every fan to support their content. Because there’s not telling when/if I’ll be able to make reviews again on a regular basis while in college. Here’s hoping for some sort of miracle.

This is TheCinematicBandicoot and going into the future is presenting a lot more challenges both on the site and in real life. I want to continue making reviews, but college alone is draining so much more energy than my current job that helps cut down costs for the site. If you go to City of Geek’s homepage down bellow, tell them TheCinematicBandicoot sent you. Have a wonderful new year everybody and hope you all have some ambitious resolutions.

City of Geek Home Page:

RedShieldGame Twitch Page:

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