Avengers: Infinity War (Spoiler-Free)

Thanos (Josh Brolin) is finally off his chair and on the hunt for the infinity stones. Only the Avengers can stop him now. And I should probably stop at this point because there’s nothing else to say that would give away the smallest of spoilers. And why should there be any here for something people have been waiting 10 years/18 movies for? It’d be like reliving that Half-Blood Prince moment back in middle school. Thanos is the villain the Marvel finally deserves. Tall, purple, brutal, unkind, savage and unforgiving even when things go in different directions.

The main criticism is the characters don’t get balanced screen time, but this impossible juggling act was pulled off flawlessly with what they had to work with. It doesn’t matter who gets more attention than then other. What matters is the same thing in a Kirby game: different combinations with different results. And there’s no shortage of that from the trailers showing Spider-Man with Doctor Strange. It also helps that they have the same goal despite treading different paths. Very uncommon with multiple paths not converging. And it makes this two part scenario feels like one whole experience which is more than I can say for other that tried to do it for money reasons and not story reasons. Looking at you Twilight and The Hobbit. As one of the most expensive movies ever made, it’s spared no expense in motion-capture. Little unfinished tidbits here and there, but nothing that completely breaks the illusion.

Avengers: Infinity War is a major pay-of after all this time. There were laughs and cheers in the audience but most of these were immediately followed by gasps of disbelief because there’s finally some stakes here. The Russo brothers have proven to be in the same league as Peter Jackson with their own grand slam trilogy. If you haven’t seen the other movies, why are you even here? There’s no catching up at this point. Might as well jump into the season finale of Game of Thrones without watching the other episodes. For everyone else, go see it now even if it’s past midnight. The audience participation alone is how it’s meant to be seen.


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